Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The IRS is my friend!

I don't remember the last time I got a tax refund. The first year Joe and I got married he was in for a rude awakening - we had to PAY taxes!! No"free money" to do what we want with! Being an independent contractor I technically considered self employed so I am 1099'd opposed to W2'd. Well this year things turned around... between quarterly payments to the IRS, three properties and a baby write off our accountant informed us we were getting a refund!! Well, our check came in the mail yesterday it was more than TRIPLE what we were expecting! I'm not sure if its a curse or a blessing. I wanted to immediately drive it to the bank and deposit it... cha-ching!! My very responsible husband talked me into doing some research before cashing the check. Hopefully we get to keep it all... I am sure I could think of 101 ways to spend the loot!

Monday, April 21, 2008


Saturday afternoon we had our third annual craft day with Wendy Phippen (she is amazing)!
This year we created the most darling aprons. We started out with a light lunch and then off to pinning, cutting, pressing and sewing. It was an all day event, but well worth it! I love my new apron, I wore it all day on Sunday! Thanks Paige for putting this together, and thanks to Wendy for putting up with the six of us! Everyone needs a Wendy Phip!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Make A Wish - I'm 27!

Thursday was my actual day of birth so Joe, Stella and I went out to dinner and Joe gave me my presents. He got me a new bed set that is blue and brown -it is so cute (pictures to follow), two sets of note cards from Anthropology that are darling, some cute hair pins and some clothes. Thanks for all of the great gifts babe! You are amazing! On Friday night we had the big celebration with all of my friends, we went to Biaggi's at the Gateway for dinner.
Every birthday I have seems to be the best birthday of my life! Seriously, this year I felt SPOILED - I could not decide if it were my birthday or Christmas. Everyone was WAY to good to me! I am not a very big fan of cake so my Ashley made me star shaped brownies instead! I LOVE brownies! She is so cute - this was by far my favorite cake of all time!
One end of the table... Joe, Stella, Les, (hiding Dallin, Ryan, Suzie, Nick) Bret Jim, Melissa, Taylor, Ashley and Tyson
The other end (missing Ashley) Clay, Kjirsty, Paige, Ryan, Rob (missing Natalie who is taking the pictures). Paige made me a makeup bag for my big day since mine was a disaster zone! It is red, black and white and so so cute! It was full of bath stuff - I LOVE IT!
Ashley and Clay gave me the most meaningful gift ever! Ash put together 30 family home evening lessons with objects to go with each. She spent so much time working on it and I will love it forever! What a thoughtful gift! You are amazing Ash!
Ashley and Tyson - along with my parents gave me some AMAZING moisturizer and a manicure (which I am in desperate need of!)
Melissa and Taylor
Ryan and Rob
Les and Dallin... Dallin and Ryan gave me a beautiful necklace and bracelet from Brighton. It was amazing and over the top! I love it!
Suzie, Nick and Bret
Everyone else went in on some major gifts--- one pair of pants, on pair of Capri's, one pair of shorts, three shirts, Dan in Real Life, Nordstroms gift card! Like I said, I was spoiled!Thanks to everyone for giving me the best gift ever... your friendship! I love you all!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


A wise man once said "Your friends are like Gremlins, they multiply". That is the most correct statement that I know!

I have to admit - I have the best friends in the entire world!! I'd like to say that I am the glue that holds us all together, but some of them may be too "unstable" to believe that - and the stable ones will disagree and think that they are in fact the glue. I guess we are all a part of the super glue mixture. Holding each other tight - not letting one escape if they tried.

We have been called "exclusive" and "popular" but I'm not sure either are true. We are The Gang, happiest when we are all together laughing ever step of the way.

My friends have been through so much together that it would be impossible to tear us apart. I can't imagine going through this world without them. We are a family now. We have endured both heart warming and heart wrenching times, Laughter and Tears, Death and Life, Certainty and Question. We have laughed until we cried, created traditions that continue, made memories that are unforgettable.

I thought I would take a moment to share with you some of the amazing, stupid, fun and crazy things that have made us who we are. Though all of you who read this may not appreciate or understand I know that the Gremlins will smile, maybe even laugh out loud.
  • The Annual Friend Christmas Party
  • 4th of July trips to the Nelson Condo
  • Las Vegas trip (Without Maroon 5)
  • Dallin, Nick, Bret.... hmmmm.... lets not forget Kip
  • 11/11 party at Turnberry
  • Community Shower - Kjirsty and Paige?!?
  • American Idol Tryouts
  • Karaoke at Gino's
  • Del Taco on our way to the George
  • "Its still going"
  • Mexico Cruise
  • Birthday Parties
  • Changing seats while driving - DO NOT TRY THIS
  • Nick's rendition of a Soldier
  • We're coming to America... Fancy was her Name
  • Sally
  • BBQ's and Pool Parties at Preston Hollow
  • Pumpkin Carving and Egg Dying
  • "I feel bad for the woman who wears this size of shoe"
  • The Diversity who LOVED Heather
  • Tulip's car being hit and beads being taken- Go Nat!
  • Tulip and Jeremy
  • Mormon Mix
  • "I brought you this delicious ham"
  • Reality TV
  • Cedar City Subway
  • Drives home from Cedar or Logan
  • Ashley bringing treats to every party
  • Matronly Hair
  • Haircuts, Haircuts Haircuts - good and bad
  • Michael McLean Concert
  • Kenneth Cope - Dallins Hero
  • Midget Wrestling
  • Wendover Trip on the Fun Bus
  • Making T-Shirts on the 4th of July
  • PF Chang's at Christmas time
  • T Shirt Party at Dallins
  • Miss America Invites and Party
  • Miss Murray Pageant
  • Weekly girls lunches
  • Roz Tint and Trim
  • Derby
  • 1, 2, 3 and TURN!

Those are some of my favorites. The list could go on and on! Thanks for all the fun memories gang! I'd be nothing without you! I love that we can sit around and talk about anything or nothing and that we all love each other for who we are all. I look forward to a lifetime of laughter and memories! I love you all, BFFFS!! (Best Friends Forever For Sure!!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stella the Pirate!

I'm quite certain that I have the cutest, sweetest baby in the entire world. If you disagree please don't shatter my dreams by leaving a comment on my blog telling me about a baby that you happen to think is more darling than mine... you would just be wrong!
We lowered Stella's crib since she has learned to pull up on things and stand. The other night we were out and she fell asleep in the car. Usually when this happens we move her from her car seat to the crib and she is out for the count... not anymore! On that particular night, I took my VERY asleep baby and laid her in her bed, she immediately rolled over and stood up at the side of her crib. I hurried and lay her down again... REPEAT. She was wide awake for two hours. I'm not sure how to teach her that sleep is better than standing. Anyhow, I got this really cute pictures out of the situation, so I guess it made it all worth it! My little jail bait!
Stella has had a clogged tear duct since she was born. Her right eye is very leaky and gooey most of the time. Its gotten worse since she has learned to use her hands. She rubs it all of the time because it bothers her. The doctor prescribed her an ointment($67 a tube the size of her little finger might I add that the insurance does not think they should pay for, so far we've gone through three tubes but it really helps so its all worth it!) that really helps. I apply it three to four times a day and it seems to make her feel better. The doctor said if it does not heal itself by the time she is nine months old then she will have to go in for surgery... he assures me that its minor but i'm quite certain I'll be an absolute crying wreck if this has to happen. It does seem to be better than when she was born, so hopefully it will be unclogged by then. Most mornings when I go to get Stella out of her crib she is missing, all I can find in her crib is this pirate! Despite her glued shut eye she usually has a huge smile on her face - happy to be awake? or happy to see her mama? I think the latter!
I love you Stell Bell, thansk for being such a sweetheart!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my dad's birthday! I really do have the best dad in the world! Here are some of my favorite things about my dad along with some memories.
* I remember my dad teaching us the DANGER of fans when we were kids. One day he said "Don't EVER put your finger in a fan, or this will happen!" ... then he proceeded to push a carrot sick through the moving blades and it chopped it to pieces. LESSON LEARNED!

* Every time I would come home from school to visit we would play our favorite card game, gin, until all hours of the night.
* I worked for his company selling advertising space in one of his publications in So Utah. We would drive up Monday morning and back Friday evening every week for three months. I really enjoyed our chats on our road trips. One time I could not stop talking... he told me his ears were starting to bleed because I was talking to much! I took the hint and slept the rest of the way home. He never said that again!
*I love my dads meatloaf! He is the cook at our house, he is always creating a masterpiece!

* I loved when dad would make us breakfast on the first day of school.
* I HATED when he would come and pour water on my head when I would not get out of bed and I was going to be late for school.
* I love my dads artistic talent - he is an amazing artist. He has drawn some beautiful pictures of my little Stella.
*I love that I'm my dads favorite - if you ask him he wont admit it.. but I know!
* I love to hear the one song he knows on the piano - i think he made it up but its wonderful!
* I love how much he loves his grand kids! Every time I ask if he'll watch Stella he says of course and that he'll put her right to work scrubbing the floors and washing the windows. But we all know that all the kids have him wrapped around their fingers!
* I love his sense of humor.. he is always cracking a joke and making me laugh.
* I love his magic tricks, i just wish he would tell me his secrets. "Once is entertainment, twice is education"
* I love when he would take us bowling when we were kids. We loved Jack and Jill's bowling alley.

* I love watching TV with my dad... we both laugh out loud at the funny parts. Mom thinks we are crazy!
* I loved to go to the pool with my dad as a kid... he would bounce us on his knee and shoot us in the air and we would land in the water.
* I love that he eats ketchup on everything.
* I love his fried potatoes and vegetable medleys
* I hated when he would ALWAYS tell us to turn the lights off behind us, now I actually understand why!

* I love that he always sketches the speakers when we watch general conference.
* I love that he loves me for who I am

* I love that dad gets up at the story telling festival at open mic time
* I love that dad will talk to anyone, anywhere ( I got that from him!)
* I love going to concerts with dad - he loves to dance to the music!
Dad, This list could go on and on. Thanks for being the greatest dad ever! I really do appreciate all that you do! I am who I am because of you and mom. Thanks for all of your love and support through the good and the bad! I love you! Happy 55!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Join Our Team!!

Joe and I have set up a team for the SLC Marathon, Bike Tour and 5K on April 19th. We hope you will join us!! Joe, Suzie, Whit and I are going to run the 5K, some of my nieces may join us as well! Bret is going to do the half marathon (yes, he is amazing)! Suzie and I have been jogging for the past five days to get ready... we should have started training a lot sooner - oh well! I am going to run another one on the 4th of July (maybe even a 10K.. we'll see how in shape I'm feeling closer to July). If you would like to join our team go to http://saltlakecitymarathon.com/ to sign up. Our team name is "THE GANG" and our password to join is "STELLA". We hope to see you on the track, and if not on the track then we'll expect to see you cheering us on at the finish line!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Go Grizzlies!

Last night we went to see the Grizzlies play their second to last home game at the E Center. We ended up with four tickets to the game and invited Nat and Rob. We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and then we were off to cheer on the Grizz! It was my very first hockey game and I had no clue what to expect.
Joe and Rob could not believe that we made them pose for this picture - but they did it for the sake of our blogs. What good husbands they are!
Nat and I had no problem posing for our shot!
The game was INTENSE!! I had not clue that there would be fighting involved. We saw a few very good fights. Its crazy how exciting it was to watch! I also loved how loud it was every time we made a goal. I thought the floor was going to fall out from under my feet! It was awesome!! The Thunder ended up as the champions of the game 6-5, but the Grizzlies put up a good fight!
We would especially like to thank Taylor for giving us all four passes so we could go! It was very very generous of him. Thanks Tay, we had so much fun!!
Joe and Les with the game going on behind us! Thanks Nat and Rob for coming with us, it was so much fun! We will have to do it again soon!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Models for Sisters

You have to admit that I have the most beautiful sisters in the world!
Whitney (Yes gentlemen, she is available - hard to believe huh?)

Ashley (She has been in a few magazines)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quilting Fun

Ash, a little bird told me that you have been waiting for me to blog - so this one is for you! Joe left on a business trip yesterday. I decided that I would make Stella a quilt while he was gone. I started a quilt for her before she was born and never finished it. Whit and Kaya came over during the day and hung out. I started the quilt while the girls were napping. Later on in the evening Kjirsty and Suzie came over with SUSHI (my favorite)!! I got almost all of the top completed last night. I hope to get it bound today! I hope it will make our very own Wendy Phip proud of me! If anyone is up for a quilting day, let me know. I have the easiest pattern!! I will post more pictures once its actally completed.