Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
More to follow.
Love, The Mosses

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

We had a few friends over to carve pumpkins. We had a lot of fun and the pumpkins look so cute on my porch! (Thanks to Ashley for taking the picture and not being in it!)

Stella enjoyed the company of her friends. She was not thrilled about taking pictures with mom and dad. She went to bed about half way through the party.
See, she really was here!! Tyson was working but he should be proud of her work! Yes, that is a knife sticking in the pumpkin - not child friendly!
Before Stella got tired she was all smiles!
Nick showed up at the very end. What a fun night!
Thanks for the fun time friends! See you all next year!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Patch!

I never remember going to the pumpkin patch as a child, but my mom promises that she took me. This year we decided that Stella and Kaya needed to enjoy in the pumpkin picking goodness!
Here is Stella on Joe's shoulders pointing to the pumpkin she wants to take home.
Living the Good Life!
Stella did not quite understand the "sitting" on pumpkin idea we had. She would rather be moving,
The Mama's and the Babies.
The girls like taking free rides when they can!
Stella's new favorite face to pull! She makes us laugh!

Best Friends Forever For Sure (BFFFS!!)
A picture with the Scarecrow
Kaya and Whitney and a million pumpkins
Once we found our pumpkins Kaya decided that she wanted to help push Stella back to the car. She is such a good helper!
Family Photo!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Face Only a Mother Could Love...

Okay, Maybe not... you want to kiss her too... right???
This is the face a one year old gives you after you let her eat an entire personal sized pizza on her own! I'm surprised her belly did not pop!

She Climbs!

Stella has been climbing on everything possible! She has to be standing on anything that is on the floor, books, towels, toys... you name it she'll stand or climb on it.
Here she is climbing into her toy box...
She made it... but she was not happy when she could not get out!
she turned her little couch upside down to climb on the back of it...
and then onto the lovely recliner....
and she has finally mastered the couch.. check out this action shot!
She feels a great sense of accomplishment when she makes it onto the couch because I rarely let her do it! We love our little monkey!

Where's Your Tounge?

We are working on learning body parts. She knows where here tongue is now. When we ask where her tongue is she will either stick it out or grab it with her hands. She usually has to clap after she does it because she is so proud of herself!!

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures - they were taken on my phone. I let Stella play with the normal camera a few days ago and now I can't find it. She must be sick of me taking so many pictures because she really hid it good!

And as you can see.... most days we don't do our hair!! We like looking like little orphans!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy Day

On normal days I'd be working by now. Today my work email is down. So me and Stella are having a lazy day. We're staying in our pj's all day! Taking naps together (while Stella plays with my hair) - usually only Stella gets naps. We're not even going to do one ounce of cleaning... even though it really needs it! (Yes, that is yesterday's make-up!)

PS... Joe, Stella and I all got haircuts. Stella's looks darling! I'll post pictures on a day we decide to actually get ready!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gouhl's Night!!

My girlfriends and I get together once a month to hang out. It always includes food and some sort of craft. This month we met a Paige's house (which is darling!) and had Chili (thanks Kjirsten) and Paige's famous Werewolf's Blood (aka Crystal Light). Then we spray painted pumpkins and carved out designs in the paint. We wanted to do something different than the traditional pumpkin carving. We had so much fun! Next month we're making a new apron pattern (as shown on Paige below). We have so much fun together!