Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

My cousin Kaya came over to carve pumpkins with me. We we're not really sure why mom and Uncle Taylor and Aunt Melissa were making such a mess! We thought our pumpkins looked great just the way they were!


We tied for first place in the pumpkin carving contest!! I think we had a great idea!!


Dad held me so mom could carve her pumpkin because she loves to do it more than he does! Aunt Whitney played with Kaya so she would not be sad. Mommy, Uncle Taylor and Aunt Melissa were crazy carving! Aunt Melissa's knife even broke!


This is a pictures of them trying to look like their pumpkins! What weirdos!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

We took Stella to regional conference today. She looked so cute in her little dress we decided we better document the moment with a photo shoot!

Poor little Stella feels like the poperatzzi is following her around with the amount of flashes that come her way! She is just too cute not to photograph- she'll thank me one day!

She sure loves her daddy!! I'm pretty impressed that at only six weeks she already has him wrapped around her little baby finger!

We love our little angel so much (even when she wakes up three times a night to eat)! I don't know what we ever did without her!! We are so blessed!! Life is so good to us!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Stella's Halloween Costume

Me, my mom and my friend Suzie too little Stella on her first big outing to the mall. I'm pretty sure that Stella takes after her mama when it comes to shopping - to her fathers dismay. As we were shopping we passed the Build a Bear Workshop. We did not think much of it until we saw some little bears in Halloween costumes. The bears seemed to be about the size of our little 9 lb girl. We decided that we better take a quick look inside to see if something may possibly fit. We found the cutest little witch costume and it just happens to be the perfect fit for little Stella. My sister Whitney brought Kaya over for a Halloween costume photo shoot! Enjoy the pictures of the Witch and her pet Zebra. Joe still does not understand why I think its okay to treat Stella like she is a toy doll!! But I say a girl can never have too many clothes!! Costume change!!