Monday, May 25, 2009

Long Overdue for a Post

Why on earth did I spend all morning searching for my camera to take pictures today and only end up with this ONE picture that Joe took before we left the house? I have to admit it is one cute pic!! I really need to get better at taking pictures and blogging! We had a great Memorial Day - we went to my parents house and had a BBQ with my family.. then we headed to Kjirsten's and had a BBQ with her family.

Other happenings... my plants are growing into enormous beasts.. which i am excited about since I've never attempted to grow anything. Here are some pictures of Stella watering the plants (back when they were just tiny) - she loves to water the plants more than anything. She cries when we have to go back inside. I'm pretty sure she would live outside if I would let her. I will take some updated pictures of my plants tomorrow so you can see how big they are... I have managed to nearly kill one of my pea plants - I'm hoping to revive it so it we can eat fresh peas all summer long!

Here is the long over due shadow picture... she loves her shadow. She loves to wave at it then and she laughs and laughs. I think we'll be outside again tomorrow - please come and visit!

On a side note. Work for me has been insanely busy - but its been so good for us! My mom is an angel and has taken Stella every day for five weeks straight from 8 - 5. I've missed having her home with me but she loves Mimi so much!! She also gets to play with her best friend (and cousin) Kaya, they love each other too! My work finally seems to be to a manageable level so I am hoping that Stella can stay home with me all week so we can go on walks, to the park and to the pool. We need some Mama/Stella time - just like the "old" days.

Joe and I took Stella to the pool for the first time this season. It took her all of five minutes before she was jumping into they water from the side. It scares me that she is so brave - but I'm so happy she loves the water! We will be having lots and lots of pool days this summer let me know if you want to join us!

Joe is starting back to school this week to get his MBA. I'm so proud of him and his endeavours to continue his education - maybe I'll go back one day... but I'm not committing to anything right now. He starts on Wednesday at the University of Phoenix. His program is 18 months long and he will be graduated November 2010. He will only have to go to class one night a week (that will be so nice) but he'll be doing lots of homework the rest of the week. He is such a good student I know he is going to do great!!

I'm going to work hard to take some cute pictures this week and update my blog more. Stella gets cuter everyday and I don't want you to miss out on any part of it!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Stella and I play outside for a bit in the morning and again in the afternoon. I sit on the porch and water the plants while she walks around the drive way moving her sidewalk chalk from one side to the other - but she rarely draws with it.

A few days ago she noticed her shadow- she looked at it and waved and said "Hi Baby". Then she looked at me and said "Thats a cute baby, mama!"

I laughed and laughed and took some pictures of Stella and her shadow. Misterously my camera has turned up missing - I'm certain its in the house.. i just don't know where. As soon as I find it you'll have pictures of our little doll face and her new friend the shadow.