Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Its our third Christmas together and we finally got our first Christmas tree! Our first Christmas Joe was in Iraq, we moved to our townhouse five days before our second Christmas, so third year is a charm! We put it up last night and it looks so cute! Stella loves it! I guess we better start Christmas shopping so we can wrap some pretty presents to go underneath! Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stella Bella Beauty Queen

Me and my momma are best friends! We get to hang out all day together! We both feel so lucky!
This is my other best friend (and cousin) Kaya, she is finally starting to actually like me! We have so much fun together, she loves to give me lots of kisses and hugs... she even tries to hold me - its a little scary, but i manage to survive!
I'm getting cuter everyday. I smile so much!! My mom is going to post some pictures of me and my big toothless grin... i have to admit that I think I'm pretty cute- everyone else thinks so too!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is our 2 year anniversary! I can't believe how fast the past two years have gone. I've decided to post a slideshow of our wedding and my bridals since that was the day that this all started (thank you to my sister Whitney for taking my bridals and for doing my makeup-i'd be a wreck without a makeup artist sister!) I'm surprising Joe and taking him to Park City today since that is where we spent our honeymoon, we are going to walk up Main Street and go through the gallaries... Joe really has a great appreciation for art... I'm still learning! I love you Joe! Thanks for being such a great husband!!

Wedding and Bridal Photos

Seven Randon Facts

1. When I was going to school at Utah State I worked at a baby store called Stork Landing. During my time there it was decided that we were going to purchase a infomercial spot on the Cache Valley Channel and every employee would have to be in the infomercial showing off a part of our store. Some one got strollers, another toys, maternity clothes, cribs etc. Even though I was the ONLY full time employee there, my boss decided to let everyone pick there departments on my day off. NOT OKAY! I thought I deserved first pick since I pretty much ran that store. Not the case, I was the lucky girl who was forced to discuss breast pumps and nipples. Wow, what a treat that was. I still have the recording on VHS… thank goodness we don’t have a VCR!!

2. I was dating Joe when he got word that he was going to have to report to duty for 18 months with the Utah National Guard. Operation Enduring Freedom separated us physically but brought us so close emotionally. The first time he told me he loved me was on his cell phone as his plane was leaving the tarmac headed to Camp Shelby Mississippi. I can not believe we endured 18 months apart, but it has made us appreciate each other so much more! I love you Joe!

3. There are very few movies I have ever stayed awake in – even in the theater. I love sleep so much that when a movie begins to play my brain turns off immediately and sends me into a sleeping trance! However I did see Dan in Real Life three times already and stayed awake every time! What a great show!

4. Joe came home for two weeks in November 2005, 11 months into his deployment. We were planning on getting married the following September. When he came home we decided that we were just going to get married while he was home. We decided on a Sunday… Planned our wedding in FOUR days and were married on Friday November 18, 2005. It was so exciting and so stress free… not to mention how much money we saved!!! I’d recommend it to everyone!!

5. When I first started my current job we had weekly meetings. The meetings ALWAYS started late, and they were usually pointless. My boss was frustrated that no one was showing up at the meetings. I sat in the front entry way where everyone walked in, so I told him I would let him write the meeting info on my forehead in permanent marker if he would compensate. He thought this was a great idea. For the next three days I had the meeting memo on my head. After the meeting he took me to Best Buy where he bought me a $500 TV because I did not have a one. He could not believe someone could live without TV. I love my TV!

6. I feel guilty buying clothes for my little Stella. Her cousin Kaya is one year older than she is and has give Stella all or her very cute hand-me-downs’! Stella’s closet is so packed full of Kaya’s old clothes that I will not allow myself to buy her anything new. Well, except for jammies... I have a small obsession with the jammies at the Children’s Place. They are so cute! This picture only shows half her clothes... its laundry day.

7. Every time I buy a new article of clothing I don’t take the tag off until I wash it. I could wear a shirt out three times with the tag on. I seem to wear the item more times that I usually would without washing it. I don’t know why I do that. I realize it’s strange, but its something I’ve done for years.

All of you friends should do the same! Its fun to remember why you are strange!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Stella's Blessing

Stella was blessed last Sunday, November 4, 2007. Joe gave her the most beautiful blessing. I was so proud of him!

After the blessing we had a little luncheon at the club house with all of our friends and family. We had soup in bread bowls, fruit, salads, desserts and veggies. It was so nice.

We feel so blessed to have such a great support system of family and friends! Thank you to everyone who came out to support our little girl!