Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

I love Christmas! Having a little one makes it even better!
We had a wonderful quiet Christmas.
We decided to open our presents at our own house this year instead of at my moms with EVERYONE!
Mimi and Papa came over to watch Stella open her presents!

Christmas Morning after Santa delivered the gifts!
Mrs Clause was exhausted when we got home from my parents last night.
I went and laid down with Stella while she went to sleep and fell asleep with her.
When I woke up Santa had wrapped all the presents and cleaned the house. Oh how I love that man!! Then we assembled the Mini Kitchen for Stella - 2oo pieces and 3 hours later off to bed we went!

Oh was it ever worth it! She LOVED her Kitchen from Santa!!
We decided to get Stella a kitchen when my sister said she was going to Kaya one.
See Whitney's AWFUL experience here.

Its a family tradition to get your picture taken on the stairs before going to see what Santa brought.
Grandma and Grandpa Moss got Stella some PLAY FOOD to go with her Kitchen. Here she is "eating" some grapes. She LOVES to pretend and loves her food!

Mimi and Papa gave Stella this adorable Lion. Stella was taking her baby for a ride on it. She loves her Lion too! Stell is holding her BABY from Santa. She sat on his lap and told him she wanted it and has been talking about the baby Santa is bringing for a month! She was so excited for her baby - we've been changing diapers and clothes all morning long. She keeps saying "Baby so happy!"
We got Stella a Princess treasure box full of princess dresses and accessories. She still has this blue dress on. She looks ADORABLE!!
Mrs Potato Head did not disappoint!
Stella Boo had a wonderful Christmas - Joe and I did as well!

Joe scored two pair of shoes, some clothes and a few board games.
I was surprised with a new coat, make-up, perfume and a gift card to BR!!
We hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas too!!
Love, The Moss'

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

We put up a Christmas Tree this weekend. Stella calls it her Christmas (she leaves the TREE part off). We have a few wrapped presents underneath but not of which are Stella's as she's already tried opening a few. We are so excited for Christmas this year as Stella is starting to understand whats going on. Its so fun!!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa, I love you!!

We took Stella to Macy's to sit on Santa's lap. The REAL Santa from the Macy's Day Parade!! My sister Ashley works at Macy's and called and said we had to come to visit. Were we ever glad we did! He was so amazing! Stella could not have been happier to meet him. She asked for a baby and Santa said he would do his best to surprise her with a great present!! When we were leaving Stella said "Santa, I love you!". We loved him too!
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