Sunday, April 8, 2012


We have had a great Easter! It started off with the kids going on a scavenger hunt that to find their baskets. Mr Easter Bunny ran them on a wild goose chase but they did indeed find their baskets.

I wanted Easter to be more than just candy and treats so Stella's Basket included a Book of Mormon with a scripture case and a picutre of Jesus. She was abosultly delighted to have her own Book of Mormon. She has been wanting one of her own since January. Every Sunday she goes and checks out a copy in the Library so she can add a rock to the primary "Scriptures Rock" bowl. I love this picture because you.can see how genuinly happy she is!

Max was pretty ticked that his basket had celophane around it. He could see his "Tweeets" aka fruit snacks, but he could not figure out how to get them out. Once the basket was free he was a happy camper.

For lunch we had egg salad sandwiches --- Love this picture of Joe :)

Stella dyed eggs while Max sleeped. She loved every minute of it!

We tried to snap a few shots of Joe and the kids and then a few of me and the kids. Not a single picture turned out. I love this picture of Stella. She looks so grown up!

This sums up how Max felt about taking pictures.

Stella with her "princess hands"

Stella has a hard time being serious in pictures -- she is always trying to make people laugh by being funny.

And we finally get a smile out of Max.

My sweet babies in their Easter gigs.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Jammies

Growing up we always got to open one present on Christmas Eve - every year that gift was Christmas jammies. We have changed the tradition up a bit. Instead of opening jammies on Christmas Eve we now open them on Thanksgiving. That way the kids can wear them all month long in anticipation of Christmas. Here are Stella and Max in their Christmas jammies!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cascade Springs

We took a Sunday drive up American Fork Canyon to see the stunning leaves on the Alpine Loop. We took a detour on our way back down and ended up at Cascade Springs.
They have nature paths to walk on. Stella was in Heaven. Max was awaken from his nap to join us -- he was not thrilled to be coming. But he survived.

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Beautiful Girl

Stella all dressed up and ready for church for her first Primary Program. She did great! She knew her part perfectly. She sang so loud that you could hear her over the other kids (not sure if that is good or not) and she waved to us 85% of the program.

It is so fun watching her grow up!!

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Schmidts Pumpkin Patch 2011

Every year during October we go to Schmidts Pumpkin Patch. Every year seems to be more fun than the last. Stella LOVED it and so did Max. Here are some of our pictures we took of our adventure. We look forward to going every year. This year the weather was beautiful!

Family Picture with Stella driving the Tractor.
Moss Family

Mama and the Kiddos

Stella Jane

Max standing up in the Wheel Barrow

Free Ride for Happy Kids!

Max thinks riding in the Wheel Barrow is pretty fun!

Holding up the cute baby pumpkin

Dad and Max

She was born with sass

Happy Boy

Max is such a happy boy. You can almost always find a big grin on his face.

He smiles especially big when he is caught doing something naughty!

Like dumping an entire box of cereal on the floor :)

We love our happy boy!!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Stella started her second year of preschool at the begining of September. She is already learning so much! Her favorite thing to do is write her name. She has a full year of activites ahead of her. She's already been on a nature hike and is going to the pumpkin patch this week. Her teacher said she is a social butterfly (which does not surprise me one bit) and that she plays with everyone. Stella loves learning and she loves going to school!

{Happy Birthday Stella Jane}

On September 8th Stella turned four. Do I really have a four year old!? I'm not sure where the time has gone. We love Stella so much! She is so happy and active. Every night when i'm putting her to bed her first question is "What are we going to do tomrorow?"... she loves to go go go!! Here are the picture from Stella's four year old pictures we had taken as well as the pictures form her Princess for a Day birthday party.

This picture captures her personality. She has so much "sass"

She looks so grown up! She's growing up too fast!

This year stella wanted a Princess Cake.. this is what i came up with.

looks like Barbie needs to head to the salon for a new hairdo!

On of the party games was "Princess, Princess, Frog" the winner (Zoe) ended up taking home a crown. The girls loved it! They were even runnign when it wasn't their turn :)

We played Pin the Kiss on the Frog

Joe drew this darling frog for the girls to pin the kisses on.

They had a princess tea party with Ribbon Sandwiches, Fruit and Veggies

All of the princesses who came to the party.Stella has so many friends and she loves all of them!

Blowing out the birthday candles is not as easy as it looks!

So she got a little help!

After her friends went home she opened her present from mom and dad... a trip to Disneyland!

She was so excited!!

Family photo with the Aurora... I mean the Birthday Girl Stella and Auntie Ash

Stella and Mimi (my mom)

My mom, Me, Stella and Ash (my sister)

Our Favorite Princess!!