Monday, March 30, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner or was it Pizza?

Last night we were rummaging through the cupboards wondering why we have nothing to eat. Sure, there is plenty of food on the shelves but nothing that seems good enough to fill our bellies. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

So we came up with the idea to have breakfast for dinner. Waffles and Eggs - too bad we did not have any bacon or sausage.. that would have made my night! oh well.

As Joe take the first waffle out of the waffle maker Stella squeals with joy.. ."PIZZA"


She ran to her high chair as fast as her little legs would carry her. Climbed inside and began drooling... okay maybe not really drooling. But she was excited none the less.

Joe gave her some "pizza" and she was one very happy girl!

We had "pizza" again for breakfast. Yumm!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

my girl

looking like the joker in batman

attempting to smile for the camera

i heart her!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Crayola,

Thank you for being non-toxic.
Stella's Mom
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Since when did my baby grow up so fast?

I can hardly believe Stella is 18 moths old-boy has time gone quickly! I am so blessed to have my sweet girl to make me laugh and smile everyday! I love her because she is so cute and I love her because she is sometimes naughty. Here are her favorite things at 18 months.

Favorite Food - Apples - not sliced - WHOLE Apples! Its so cute to watch her eat them, taking tiny little bites off as she goes. She actually calls all fruits and veggies apples.

Favorite Song - Row Row Row Your Boat - she puts out a pouty lip when i sing a different song. But lets be honest, you can only sing that song 27 times in an hour before you need a little variety. When you ask her if she wants to sing she simply smiles and says Row Row. She also likes the song "Shake Shake" her little hand goes turbo mode shaking when she hears it on the radio.
Best Friend - Kaya - her cousin who is one year older than her. Stella thinks that everything Kaya does is funny. No matter what it is Stella is always laughing at Kaya and following her around like a shadow.

Favorite show - Sesame Street (maybe that is because its the only show I put on for her). She knows all the characters and says there names when she sees them. She particularly likes Elmo and Nuffy (Sunfalufagus) and especially Abby - she actually calls my brother Jeff "Abby" since he always puts on Sesame Street for her when we go over to visit.
Favorite Activities - taking a bath (sometimes multiple times a day) and playing on the back deck. When she wants to go outside she will look out the window and say "snow". When it was cold outside I would tell her we could not go outside because of the snow.. now she thinks outside is snow. She also loves to go to her Mimi and Papa's house - she sometimes cries at the front door saying "where Mimi go?"
Favorite thing Mom Loves: She will come up to me and ask for something.. like a treat. So I will say do you want a treat Stella. And she says "OK, walking", then takes my finger to go with her to get one.

Here hair is finally long enough to fit into a pony tail with all of her hair. She looks so grown up like that! She still loves to "brush it" and brushes her teeth every chance she gets. She climbs on everything and give surprise kisses. She loves to push buttons and work the light switch. And when its time to leave she will blow kisses to everyone.
Stella Boo, we love you so so much! Thanks for being the sunshine in our days! Be a good girl now and stay our baby forever!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waterloo, ON, Canada

Hello Waterloo, ON, Canada!!

I have a map on the bottom of my page that shows what cities look at my blog.

I love that I have a regular international blog spyer.

You look at my blog a few times a week - so I hope you read this post!

Will you PLEASE tell me who you are! Please!

I want to spy on your blog too!

Who knows, maybe I'll even come and visit! I've always wanted to go to Canada!

**Actually, I'd love to know everyone who spys on my blog! So go ahead, leave me a comment! Pretty please!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leave it to a PROFESSIONAL!

My sister Whitney will be doing waxing at my house on Saturday March 14th. She is the best waxer in the state (along with my other sister Ashley of course) - you wont be disappointed!


Brows $15
Lip $10
Bikini $25
Brazilian $50

Please call her (or me) to book an appointment.

See her blog here.

Monday, March 2, 2009


We started Stella in a gymnastics class last week. She LOVED it! We put her in the class so she could release a little bit of her energy... it back fired on me though.. after the class she was wired and did not go to bed until after 11:00 pm. I'm pretty sure I was more tired after the class than she was since i had to help her do all of the activities. :)

She loved the foam pit. The slide was her favorite. Every time she went down she would try to climb back up opposed to crawling out and then starting over. She loved her class and looked so cute in her new leotard from Mimi!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stella loves Fire Trucks

Yesterday we were minding our business and watching Kung Fu Panda (Joe rented it)as a family... when the fire alarm started blaring. At first I thought it was a fluke and no big deal until Joe yelled that there was smoke (coming from behind the dryer) and to get Stella out of the house. We ran outside and I of course call 911. Six minutes later the entourage of police cars, ambulances and a fire truck arrive.... barricade the street and go into my house. Luckily the smoke was caused by lint getting into the wiring behind the dryer and everything is fine. Joe took the fire extinguisher and shot behind the dryer. While I was standing outside in the cold with Stella I was thinking about what I should have grabbed on my way out... wedding ring, camera, laptop, shoes (the cement was really cold)...then I started thinking about how none of that stuff mattered. Everything that was really important was already out of the house - my family. I am very grateful that the situation had a happy ending and that all of our "things" are still where I left them (mostly on the floor - my house is a mess!). It also got me thinking about how lucky I am to have the family that I do. As long as I always have them no matter what I lose life would be okay! Stella cried at the window when the fire truck left.. she thought it was cooler than Sesame Street (and for her that is pretty big)!