Sunday, December 30, 2007

My First REAL Hairdo!

Look at me everyone, I am so so cute, I have piggies in my hair!!
Aunt Whitty came over tonight. She showed mama how to put my hair in piggies. Do you think I look so cute? I think I'm pretty cute!
I can't seem to keep my hands out of my mouth so they are always so cold and slobbery!
I hope mama can figure out how to do my hair when we are by myself! I don't want to have crazy hair!
Me and my mama are best friends. I love her so much! Thanks for looking at my blog today, I have a pretty cool mama. Love, Baby Stella
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Grammy & Papa's Sweethearts

This week is the first time that Stella has been together with ALL of her cousins (on mom's side). It has made Grammy and Papa so happy - they love their grandkids so much - and they spoil them even more!! Kinzie is 5 1/2 and is the little mom of the group. Ayden is 3 and the only boy. Kaya is 15 months old and makes everyone smile. Stella is soon to be 4 months and generally happy. They are all so cute together!!
Kaya, Stella, Kinzie, Ayden
Girl Cousins all in Brown.

Rice Cereal Monster

We decided to give Stella a chance of being a real girl and doing big girl things. We mixed her some rice cereal and she LOVED it... we were not suprised since she seems to love everything that goes into her mouth! She actually caught on quicker than we thought she would... she is very smart - maybe even genius! Here are some of the cute shots we took of her messy rice mug!

Lovely Lights

Taylor and Melissa invited us to dinner and to go and see the lights on Temple Square. We had dinner at Cafe Rio... yummo!!! As we were driving downtown is started to snow. The boys did not think we should continue with our quest and that a drive around the temple would suit our fancy. They were wrong. We made them park and we took a stroll around Temple Square. The lights were so pretty!

Joe thinks we look like red and black pieces of licorice. I just think we look cute! Joe's sister in law made us scarfs for Christmas... boy were we thankful to have them on such a cold night! Thanks Sherri!

Taylor and Melissa are so much fun! We love to hang out with them!! Stella thinks they are pretty great too. We have lots of fun together and laugh a lot! We're so happy they invited us to go to Temple Square, without there invitation we may have not made it there this year.

We kept Stella warm and cuddely in her stoller with four blankets and her cute hat from Aunt Missy. We decided to take her out for a few pictures before we left. It was her first time seeing the lights and boy was she happy to be out of the seat to see the world!

Christmas Bells are Ringing

I somehow managed to lose lots of my Christmas pictures which is sad since it was Stellas first Christmas. Luckily my sister Whiney took lots of pictures too. Here are some pictures to docuemnt out holiday. Below are pictures of Papa and Kaya playing with the bubbles, boy are bubbles cool!! Ayden loves uncle Jeffy so so much - he is the coolest uncle ever!! Mama and Stella playing with Stella's new toy from Aunt Jodi, Uncle dan and cousins... she loves her new toy cow.

Stella's Cousins Kinzie and Ayden came in from Arizona for Christmas. They were so excited to meet their new cousin Stella. Ayden can not remember her name so he calls her the "little Kaya who can't walk". It's pretty cute. Kinzie and Ayden were so happy to spend time with their dad who they have not seen for a few months. We sure miss them living in Utah!!

Kaya loved Christmas this year. Every present she opened brought a very suprised look to her face! She loved all of her presents. (see more of Kaya at
Mom and Dad bought ROCK BAND for the family. We have had so much fun improving our band which we named "The Haters".... our band rocks. We finally mastered the drums by having three people play them at once.. they are harder than you would think!!

Ashley and Tyson got Stella the cutest outfit I've ever seen along with the cutest pig i've ever seen. They got her the pig because she is a little piggy.. what do you expect it is the year of the Golden Pig according the the Chinese!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Many Faces of Stella Jane

Stella has so many cute faces. She was not sure what to think of having so many pictures taken. But Mama just loves taking pictures!

These are her freaky eyes!
Look at those chubby cheeks!
She is so cute!
aaa... aaaa...aaaa.... chooo
I love her new Christmas Snowflake Jammies. I think babies should be in PJ's always!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh what fun...

Stella and I went on a little shopping day with my mom and sister. Grammy sure spoiled Stella!! She bought her a darling brown dress with reindeer on it for the holiday - of course she had to wear it out of the store to make Grammy happy. About an hour later she bought Stella and her two girl counsins mathing pink tutu outfits - it was another costume change for Stella (Grammy is a little bit crazy, but that is why we love her!) As we were passing Santa's chair we noticed that he was gone - but we could not resist sneeking in and taking some pictures on his chair. Here are some of the pictures from our fun shopping day! Thanks for getting us out of the house!! Boy do we love shopping!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Who loves Stella?

Stella is just over three months old now, boy does tieme fly! Its so much fun watching her grow and develop. We're pretty sure that is is a genius (she got that from mom of course!) We decided to post some of the pictures of the many people that love her! She feels so blessed to be so loved! Thank you everyone for loving our little girl! Sorry woudl could not put pictures up of all of you!

Stella loves all of her grandma's and grandpa's, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends!! Come and visit anytime!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Brown Bear

We took Stella out on the town yesterday. It was a very cold day so we dressed her up in her bear suit.

She is such a charmer with her big toothless smile!

She was so very happy all day long!

We love our little brown bear!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Its our third Christmas together and we finally got our first Christmas tree! Our first Christmas Joe was in Iraq, we moved to our townhouse five days before our second Christmas, so third year is a charm! We put it up last night and it looks so cute! Stella loves it! I guess we better start Christmas shopping so we can wrap some pretty presents to go underneath! Merry Christmas everyone!