Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

Stella is so excited to see that the Easter Bunny came!! She had a basket full of books and toys. Mom and Dad even got small baskets of candy.
We had our family pictures taken by my sister Whitney. We looked so cute in our matching outfits (I know I am a nerd!), but it was kind of sad that there were no spring blossoms to take pictures by... it was a little chilly this year but still pleasant.
Joe and Stella both had a hard time keeping their eyes open, these were the only two shots we got with all eyes open.
Stella loved playing with the plastic Easter eggs. She is so cute, I just love her little chin!
Mom holding Stella on the rubber ducky that was nearly as big as she was.
We had a fun Easter this year. We went to church with my parents and then to their house for a delicious ham dinner. We had fun visiting with everyone!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Party

I am a nerd and I LOVE deviled egg platters. I picked this one up at Target and yes it has a broken ear. We went to three Targets (thanks for taking me Joe - he is such a good husband!!) to find one with both ears and they were SOLD OUT everywhere. But I figured that both ears will eventually break anyway and I really loved it so I bought it anyway. Taylor is very concerned that I would buy it already broken, but its mine now! I can't wait to take it to my parents Easter dinner tomorrow with delicious deviled eggs!
We decided to throw an Easter Egg Dying Party tonight. It was very last minute so not many could come, but we still had a great time! We dyed eggs, had egg salad sandwiches, watched the end of the Jazz game and had a hip hop happy time.
Stella in her new Easter 'jamies' which Joe would prefer me to call pajamas. I thought the little eggs on her feet were so cute! The front says "Baby's first Easter"
My little sister Ashley and her husband Tyson. Ashley dyed the most eggs.
Her favorite nerdy egg. "I Love C3PO". I bought a Star Wars egg dying kit to lure Joe into coloring some eggs... it worked!! Its true I married a nerd!

Suzie, Tyson, Ashley, Taylor and Melissa- Thanks for coming peeps! It was fun!
Ash, Mels and Les (Taylor jumped into the picture and Suz refused to be in it)
Stella with Aunt Ash and Uncle TyTy
No Comment.Everyone (Except Joe who was putting Stella to bed, and Sue who took the pic)
Thanks for coming everyone! I hope that the Easter Bunny pays you all a visit in the morning!! Please take some Easter pictures and post them on your blogs! We love you all!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Darling Stella

Stella looked so cute today I decided we better have a little photoshoot. Here are some of my favorites... i really wanted to post ALL of them! A special thanks to Mr Pig and Mr Bear for their cameo shots.

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Bath Time

I had to post these pictures of Stella in her cute bath towel. She looks so adorable in it with the flower head, the back has her name on it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MacCools Pub

My friends have a St Paddy's day tradition - thanks to Kjirsten and her Irish obsession... I mean hearitage! We all get together and go to MacCools Pub. Nick, Ashley and Clay are always a good time. We were sad that Eva stayed home with grandma Janae. Melanie, Meggan and Kjirsten - Cute and Single!! This night happens all thanks to Kjirsty! Kjirsty thinks the fake tattoo is really cool, i just think its really trashy!! I love that girl more than life!!

Stella is not so sure what she thinks of this real Leprechaun. I'm not sure what I think about him either since he did NOT work at McCools, he just showed up like this. A little creepy if you're asking me, but at least we got a picture and a chocolate gold coin out of it!
Les, Stella and Joe (its true I have a very cute baby and husband!) This picture makes me wish I had contacts.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Girls Night!!

Last night of few of us girls got together for dinner and a little catch up. It was fun reminiscing back on the college days at SUU. Kj, Nat, Cyd and I all went to SUU together back in 1999, we had some fun crazy times as 18 year olds. We met Suz when we went to Utah State in 2004 when we were just slightly more mature. Suzie was afraid to talk to us because we were "too cool", now that she is one of us she can hardly believe she ever thought we were cool in the first place! We went to dinner at Mimi's Cafe in Sandy because Cyd had never been and I think everyone needs to experience Mimi's at least once in their life! I usually end up at Mimi's at least a few times a month. Suz used to work there when we lived togeher, we would get 50% off of anything when we went so I think we went 5 times a week. After dinner we came back to my house and hung out until 1:30... talking and laughing and talking and laughing some more! Its so much fun when we all get together - just the girls. I took Stella and her cousin Kaya to dinner with us. When we got back to my house Joe put each of the girls to bed so the big girls could have fun. Thanks to everyone for coming over last night, it was so much fun!! and thanks to Sue and Nat for ruining our diet and bringing over ice cream.... I guess I kind of encouraged it since I did make brownies (my very favorite treat)! We really need to get together more often... how about once a month??

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've joined Weight Watchers. I've decided its time that I get rid of this "baby weight". Stella is six months old now so I'm not sure how long I can use her as my excuse. I have committed myself to 16 weeks - I've joined in the past and lasted about a month. Monday I'll weigh in again for my 4th time. I'm really enjoying Weight Watchers this time around. My life is in a different place than it was when i joined in the past, single life took me out to eat all too regularly. I have been trying hard to cook healthy meals at night for Joe and myself. I bought a WW cookbook and the dishes have been delightful (with the exception of one). Joe is so nice to me when I cook - he always says its "REALLY GOOD".... when in all honestly its usually "just alright". I've lost 6.2 lbs to date - 2.8 week one, 2.4 week two and 1.4 week three. Joe is not doing WW with me, but just from eating what I cook he is losing weight too - more than me which makes me a little bit jealous! I really like WW though, I think its a great life style change that I can learn to stick with. Of course, occasionally I'll have my binge days where I think I need to eat everything in sight, but I'm keeping my mind set to my 20 lb weight loss goal. 13.8 lbs to go!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stella's Half Birthday

Stella is officially SIX MONTHS old today! I can hardly believe how fast she is growing up! She has quickly grown from a tiny baby who slept all day to an active sweet baby. She has learned to sit up, roll over, hold on to her toys, she eats "real girl food", has gone on her first airplane ride, and laughs and giggles at everything her mama does! She is trying to get this crawling thing down too.

Tonight we are having her 1/2 birthday party at Cafe Trio in Cottonwood. 15 of mom and dads friends are coming as well as Stella's friend Eva. We are excited to get together for Stella's big day (as well as for Kjirsten and Heather's actual bitrthdays). Aunt Suz bought Stella the most darling dress (pictured above, more to follow) for her to wear to her party - we love new party dresses!!

Since Stella is six months old now I have decided to write a short list of things I love about her!

1. I love when i go and get her out of her crib in the morning she looks up and give me the biggest smile - then she quickly burys her face into the mattress as if she is embarrassed to be so happy.

2. I love when Stella grabs both sides of my face and pulls me into hers and gives me a million wet slobbery kisses.

3. I love when she gets in her highchair her mouth opens wide in anticipation for the delicious baby food that she knows will soon be in her belly.

4. I love when she gets in the bathtub she goes straight for her rubber ducky and sucks on its head the enitre time she is in the bath.

5. I love when she squeals with excitiment for no reason at all.

6. I love that she talks and talks all day long.

7. I love that when she is crying I can put my hand on her cheek and it calms her down.

8. I love when I rock her to sleep she puts her hand up on my face or plays with my hair.

9. I love that she sleeps from 9:30 - 7:30 with the exception of a 5 am scream. I have to go in and flip her onto her back, pop the binky into her mouth and put her silky blanky up to her face and she is instantly sleeping agian.

10. I love that she loves her daddy so so much.

11. I love that she laughs at everything I do. I never knew that I would make myself look like a circus act just to see her smile and laugh.

12. I love her chubby little body. I espically love her perfect little chin.

13. I love that she will let me kiss her a million times a day and not even let it bother her.

14. I love to hold her when she is sleeping and cuddle her and stare at her.

15. I love that she has brought more joy and happiness into my life than I ever knew possible. She is the reason that I am able to love so strongly, she is my world and my everything.

I love you Stell Bell! Happy Six Months of Life!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Biggest Loser- SLC Style

Joe and I are somewhat addicted to reality TV... one of our favorite shows is The Biggest Loser. Since we love it so much we decided to start our own version of The Biggest Loser- SLC Style. After a small scare due to weather and emergency room visits we were fearing that no one was going to show up to our Saturday night weigh in. Luckily a fair amount of our contestants braved the weather!! We had a $15 entry fee for our 10 week program and were all weighed in with our very own very pregnant personal trainer (Thanks Jana!!). In just 10 short weeks we'll find out who will be the Biggest Loser!! You can see the before pictures of SOME of the contestants below... we opted out of posing in spandex and sports bras! If anyone would like to join our team just let me know... the official weigh in scale will be at my house for another week or so!!
Leslie and Joe (the organizers)

Ashley and Clay

Suzie and Eva (the cutest baby!!)

Natalie and Rob (with Stella)

Posted by PicasaKjirsten and Cute little Eva!!

So long ARMY Life!!

Joe displaying his medals and his lovely wife!
Chocolate Fondue.... mmmmmm!!
Mavrick - our very fun waiter
Rob, Whit, Les and Joe
Dessert Tray for Dipping

February 23 marked the last day of Joe's 8 year contract with the Utah National Guard. Joe really enjoyed being in the guard and doing "manly" things like playing with guns and roughing it. He spent 1 1/2 years deployed (6 months in Mississippi and 1 year in Ramadi Iraq). Since we have a baby now Joe has decided to not sign up again. This makes me very happy since I worry myself sick about him when he is gone. To celebrate his 8 years of service we went to dinner at the Melting Pot with my sister Whitney and her friend. I decided to make Joe a shadow box of all of his medals he recieved over the years (Luckily Whitney has an artistic eye and put it all together for me). I kept his present a suprise which was very hard for me!!