Sunday, June 29, 2008

Let's Take a Ride in the Car!

Stella has GRADUATED to a forward facing BIG GIRL car seat. She hated her baby carrier so much that she would scream and cry every time she had to get into it. She got really good at twisting and turning and standing up before I could get her strapped in. I could not take the fight one more day. She LOVES her new seat, she is such a big girl! Car rides are so much more pleasant now that she can look out the windows and see whats going on.

Blow out the Candles!

Kinzie and Ayden had a joint birthday party tonight with the family. They live in Arizona most of the year, but get to be with their dad (my brother Blake) all summer! They got a lot of great presents and had a lot of fun! We're so happy there are here with us!

Kinzie and Ayden
Blake and Kaya

Life is Good!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Utah Arts Festival

Joe, Stella and I took our annual stroll around Library Square tonight to enjoy the Utah Arts Festival. Joe has a great appreciation for art and even does a little of his own on the side. He is pretty talented, though he won't admit to it. It was Stella's first time there (obviously) and I have to say that she quite enjoyed it! How could you not love amazing art, over priced food and superb people watching! Let me tell ya, local festivals have a way of bringing people out of the wood work!
I'm not exactly sure why we bothered bringing the stroller this time around. It was hard to maneuver through the crowds, and Stella was not too interested in riding. She has a new tooth coming in and only wants to be held by mom and dad.
Aunt Ashey (my baby sis) and Uncle TyTy met us there as well. We lost them about 10 min after entry and found them about 10 min before we left. At least we got a few pictures to document that they actually were there!
Stella is pulling an annoyed face.. i think she is sick of being in the heat and sick of so many pictures!
We decided that the Arts Festival was the perfect opportunity to give Stella a try at Dippin Dots - The Ice Cream of the Future. She loved it, of course. But who wouldn't!? She was a little weirded out at first bite, but quickly realized how delicious they were. Every time she wanted another bite she would say.... mmmmm..... she is so cute!
Just the girls.
Here is a short video of the belly dancers. I was holding the camera up high above my head hoping i was getting them on film. It worked, sorry its a little shaky. I'm always amazed with the confidence of belly dancers... enough said.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A New Tradition

The 4th of July is my all time favorite holiday. I love the warm weather, barbeque's, and city streets lined with the American Flag. What a great time of year to celebrate our independence and as an added bonus we get to watch FIREWORKS, which I love! This year Joe and I decided to mark this wonderful day with an unforgettable tradition that we will look forward too every year. We have booked a room at the Stein Ericksen Lodge in Park City. We will spend the day walking(Joe)/shopping(Les and Stella) at the outlets and and enjoying the art in the galleries on Main Street. In the evening we are going to go to the Deer Valley Music Festival to listen to the Utah Symphony's Patriotic Celebration Concert on the grass with a picnic dinner and of course fireworks!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers Day JOE!!!

Happy FIRST Fathers Day to my wonderful husband! I have not yet figured out if Joe loves Stella more or Stella loves her daddy more! They have such a special bond! We are so thankful to have such a wonderful man in our lives! Here are some of Stella's favorite things about her daddy.

* I love that daddy rocks me to sleep every night and then brings me to mom for one last kiss before he lays me in my crib

* I love that daddy is so so funny. He is always making me laugh and laugh and laugh.

* I love when daddy gives me a bath and sings the rubber ducky song to me.

* I love all the funny nicknames daddy gives me... Chub-a-lub, Chublinskey, Boo Bear.

*I love that daddy is always thinking about my future and already set me up a 529 College Saving Plan.

*I love taking Sunday afternoon naps curled up on daddy's arm.

I love you so much daddy! Thanks for all that you do for me and mommy! I am so happy that you are my daddy - there is not a better one on earth!!

It's Summertime!

Today was the official opening of the Salt Lake City Farmers Market at Pioneer Park. Joe, Stella and I walked around and enjoyed the beautiful morning. Joe bought some carmel corn and candied almonds and I bought some magnets. We also had some really amazing french waffles from the waffle stand - they are absolutely amazing! YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THEM!! Stella enjoyed sitting in her stroller and people watching. I love to people watch too, I wish I could ride in the stroller with her! The produce stands were not out yet, its a few weeks too early still. We can't wait for fresh peaches and corn on the cob. We love the farmers market. If you're ever there on Saturday morning don't be surprised if you run in to the Mosses. Next year I want to have a stand at the market and sell some baby bows, blankets and aprons!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Doctor Is In!

Stella had her 9 month appointment with Dr Mumford today. She is growing healthy and strong! We are scheduled to see a specialist at the Moran Eye Center at the end of July to have her eye checked out. He will determine if she will have surgery on her little eye.

Height: 28.5 Inches (77th percentile)
Weight: 23 lbs 2 oz (94th percentile)

Here are some of Stella's favorite 9 month activities

Showing off her two adorable tiny teeth

Eating anything she can get her hands on

Emptying out her toy box with cousin Kaya

Watching Sesame Street, her favorite episode is "The Zoemobile"
She wheels her walker right up to the TV and will watch the entire show, the second she hears the "Sprout" music her head turns and she is glued to the TV.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

9 Months!!

Stella is offically 9 months old! I can not believe how fast she is growing. Here are some of my favorite pictures of her from the day she was born up until now. (Click on the collage to enlarge)

Please read Suzie's comment.. its my favorite comment of ALL TIME! She loves my baby just as much as I do! We love you Aunt Sue!

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Friday, June 6, 2008


Joe and Stella are both sleeping, so I decided to put in my time... You know blog spying, facebooking, emailing, chatting with friends online! I love getting on the computer - it helps me to unwind from my day. As I was putting in my time, I could not help but notice the beautiful view out my window. I love where I live. Its close enough to the city to do what I want to do, yet far enough away to enjoy the quietness. My favorite part of the day is sitting in Stella's room, rocking her to sleep and looking out the window. On a clear night you can see all the way downtown and to the U. This picture does not serve my view justice.
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National Donut Day...Who Knew?

In celebration of National Donut Day we decided to make some donuts. My mom brought Kaya, Kinzie and Ayden over to help out. They all had a good time. Stella espically loved her first donut ever! We made the easy donuts today out of biscuts coated in powdered sugar. I'm going to try and make some cake donuts from scratch tonight. Enjoy the day and go and get yourself a donut!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Pool Time!

Stella went swimming today for the very first time!! She had so much fun! She was a little hesitant right when we got into the water but quickly realized how much fun it was! The pool is heated so the water was pleasant. We'll have to make the pool a regular summer event! I will need to buy some swim diapers, her regular diaper soaked up all of the water and was about 10 lbs by the time we took it off!