Sunday, April 8, 2012


We have had a great Easter! It started off with the kids going on a scavenger hunt that to find their baskets. Mr Easter Bunny ran them on a wild goose chase but they did indeed find their baskets.

I wanted Easter to be more than just candy and treats so Stella's Basket included a Book of Mormon with a scripture case and a picutre of Jesus. She was abosultly delighted to have her own Book of Mormon. She has been wanting one of her own since January. Every Sunday she goes and checks out a copy in the Library so she can add a rock to the primary "Scriptures Rock" bowl. I love this picture because you.can see how genuinly happy she is!

Max was pretty ticked that his basket had celophane around it. He could see his "Tweeets" aka fruit snacks, but he could not figure out how to get them out. Once the basket was free he was a happy camper.

For lunch we had egg salad sandwiches --- Love this picture of Joe :)

Stella dyed eggs while Max sleeped. She loved every minute of it!

We tried to snap a few shots of Joe and the kids and then a few of me and the kids. Not a single picture turned out. I love this picture of Stella. She looks so grown up!

This sums up how Max felt about taking pictures.

Stella with her "princess hands"

Stella has a hard time being serious in pictures -- she is always trying to make people laugh by being funny.

And we finally get a smile out of Max.

My sweet babies in their Easter gigs.

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