Sunday, October 16, 2011

{Happy Birthday Stella Jane}

On September 8th Stella turned four. Do I really have a four year old!? I'm not sure where the time has gone. We love Stella so much! She is so happy and active. Every night when i'm putting her to bed her first question is "What are we going to do tomrorow?"... she loves to go go go!! Here are the picture from Stella's four year old pictures we had taken as well as the pictures form her Princess for a Day birthday party.

This picture captures her personality. She has so much "sass"

She looks so grown up! She's growing up too fast!

This year stella wanted a Princess Cake.. this is what i came up with.

looks like Barbie needs to head to the salon for a new hairdo!

On of the party games was "Princess, Princess, Frog" the winner (Zoe) ended up taking home a crown. The girls loved it! They were even runnign when it wasn't their turn :)

We played Pin the Kiss on the Frog

Joe drew this darling frog for the girls to pin the kisses on.

They had a princess tea party with Ribbon Sandwiches, Fruit and Veggies

All of the princesses who came to the party.Stella has so many friends and she loves all of them!

Blowing out the birthday candles is not as easy as it looks!

So she got a little help!

After her friends went home she opened her present from mom and dad... a trip to Disneyland!

She was so excited!!

Family photo with the Aurora... I mean the Birthday Girl Stella and Auntie Ash

Stella and Mimi (my mom)

My mom, Me, Stella and Ash (my sister)

Our Favorite Princess!!

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Jullee said...

Stella's party was so much fun! Zoe was so happy to be there and winning the crown was about the best thing ever. It is mostly broken but she still loves it like crazy.